German Sausage Recipes

Today I decided to cook sausages in a new unusual way. This first recipe I have here is how to cook sausages from mincemeet in cheese. I found these German sausage records long time and have not told you yet. I cook these sausages often enough. It is kind of cutlets, but the taste differs. Even my mother-in-law-German has found them on a level! I hope you will like this recipe too. Bon appetite!

Components: the Mincemeat, Onion, Bread, Salt, Pepper, 1-2 eggs, Grated cheese.

Firstly, make minced meat as you do it normally for cutlets with onions, bread and spices. Then, divide mined meat into small ball and form a shape of sausages. Now it is time to take eggs and shake up a few times, add salt, pepper. Grate your favorite cheese on a large grater. Put every sausage once in egg then in cheese and fry on vegetable oil until ready.

Just with regular supermarket sausages it is very easy to cook wonderful exotic sausages. A few more tasty ideas. Fry sausages with chopped apples and with fresh sage. Sounds strange? But it tastes great! Well, and here is another interesting way of cooking sausages – marinade sausages in beer, butter, chili and honey. Then fry as usual. You will love it!

One of my favorite ways to cook sausages is in oven. Wrap sausages into aluminum foil, place in oven for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare mash potatoes with fresh chopped onion. Serve it together with sausages. Add some spices on your taste. I recommend to enjoy these sausages with lite cold beer.

Source by Maxim Newson

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